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Bunny Care

Although grooming can be overlooked, it is essential - even for shorter-furred breeds. Bunnies do enjoy preening by their owners and both need and appreciate additional help during their annual moult when plucking loose fur can help prevent it being ingested and leading to furballs.

Grooming is illustrated by video clips on the Rabbit Owner's CD

Using a shedding comb, run this against the growth of the fur to allow air to circulate and pick up fur from the undercoat, then remove fur from the comb teeth and comb your bunny again, this time in the direction of the fur growth.  Follow each comb stroke with a stroke from your hand and you'll probably find your bunny settles comfortably down on your knee/floor and enters a relaxing doze.  Some rabbits are less keen on having their bellies groomed as this is a more sensitive area.

Longer-haired breeds such as Angora and Cashmere need regular grooming to help prevent their fur becoming tangled and matted.  They should be trained to sit on your lap or stable surface while you gently brush their fur.  Start at the rear and brush against the growth which aids circulation.  Work up to the shoulders then start again, brushing in the direction of the fur growth, so that the coat lies flat and you'll probably notice its new, fresh, glossy appearance.  The bunny will feel the benefit - and you'll probably find it highly effective for stress-relief!!

Angora rabbits benefit from regular clipping of their coat - clip it down to about 1" all over which helps keep it manageable - although your bunny might sulk for a while afterwards, especially if s/he thinks you've ruined his/her good looks!

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